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Shopkins Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Shopkins Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Last month my 5-year-old attended a Shopkins themed birthday party and she came home buzzing from it.  Although I don’t stock Shopkins, I like posting blogs that parents can get inspiration from, so I asked the birthday girl’s mum, Sarah, if she would write a blog for me. Sarah is also an Irish working from home mum. Her business, Nuababy specialises in cloth nappies. She is also mum to 4 lovely children.

Thanks Sarah. Here’s what she’s written! Enjoy,

xx Suzie


It was my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday recently and she wanted a party with her school friends. She has been counting down the days to her birthday since last year and so THE party became a big exciting event in her little life. Her main criteria were jellies and pass the parcel; so they were an easy request to fulfill!

For the last few years, I have organised a party around a theme that the girls are interested in. One year it was My Little Pony, another one was Frozen, last year was a bunny rabbit party and this year was Shopkins. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on the overpriced merchandise so I trawled through Pinterest for a couple of evenings and then went to the euro shops.

There are so many links to some very over the top parties on Pinterest and lots of links to beautiful cakes and elaborate tables of food. I discovered that the food was going to be easy with a Shopkin theme because most of the Shopkins are food. So we had Annie Orange, Marsha Mallow, Mini Muffin, Strawberry Kiss and so on. I went to the Shopkin website and copied the various images and just printed them out with their name on them.


All the kids got a real kick out of the names of the food and I heard one little girl say “oh I want an orange because it is Annie Orange from Shopkins” The power of positive peer pressure! We kept Tommy ketchup for a couple of weeks in our fridge – he lasted well.


For the birthday cake, I put a batch of cookies dough into a round cake tin and baked it. I just popped on some roll out icing to make eyes and a smile (I got the icing in Dealz). I think it was very effective.


For the all important party bags I got some popcorn paper bags from the euro shop and printed out eyes to make them into “Poppy Corn”. We had some themed plastic bags too but the paper bags definitely looked the best. My little girl loved getting these ready with me and we put in one Shopkin into each one with a jelly sweet, the bun that the kids decorated themselves and then some pocket money toys. There is a great selection on and I have used a selection of them to bulk out presents or to go with a voucher. The finger monsters have been a great hit and the gliders  but I think the best are the finger spies.

The main activity my girl wanted was to play pass the parcel which had a Shopkin as the prize and had a chocolate egg for each wrapping but we also played pin the candle on “Wishes” the Shopkin cake. My older two girls drew this and decorated it. And as party decorations, the three girls coloured in some shopkin posters we got and then we stuck them on the wall.

If your kid is shopkin mad I hope this blog has given you a few ideas of how to make a very fun and impressive party with very little effort and its kind on the pocket too!

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