Space Toys to Celebrate Space Week

Space Toys
As I write this blog, we are in the middle of Space Week. To do my part, I’ve decided to show off any space-related toys that I stock.  Some are more decorative like the Rocket Musical Box.

Janod Musical Wooden Rocket

It is shaped like a rocket. Twist it to wind it up and as it rotates slowing back, it plays the tune ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’. This would make a gorgeous gift for small space loving child. Or, this Rocket Musical Treasure Box is also clockwork and plays a tune but it opens up and has space for your child to keep their small treasures.

Djeco Space Rocket Musical Box

If your child loves the stars, it’s easy to bring them into their very own room with this pack of 50 glow in the dark stars. Why don’t you attempt to stick them up in constellation patterns that your child will recognize?

Glow in the Dark Stars - Wonder Stars

It might be a nice idea to purchase these with the Glow in the Dark 3D Planets kit where you can make an outer space mobile.

Glow in the Dark 3D planets mobile

This Space Discovery Kit is a science kit that you can learn all about Space from.

Space Discovery Science Kit

Or, if your child is creative, they could Build and Paint their own Solar System.

Build and Paint your own Solor System Bedroom Mobile

This Space Hammer Bench is a gorgeous wooden space themed toys for toddlers. They hammer the pegs to force the astronaut, rocket and alien up into space. Then place them back in their holes and send them up again.

Space themed wooden hammer bench for toddlers from Small Foot Design Toys


These Space Projector Torches will project images from space in a dark room.

Space Projector Torch

And, finally this Tap Tap Space Kit will help develope your child’s fine motor skills and creativity as you make space scenes using the wooden shapes, cork board, pegs and hammer.

Djeco Tap Tap Space

It’s worth taking a look at Space Week’s Website as they have loads of events running all week all over Ireland. They also have a lovely family resources page on their website with space-themed craft and science activities for children.

Enjoy the week,

xx Suzie

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