Stationery that will make your friends jealous!

Stationery that will make your friends jealous!

I can’t believe that this time in 3 weeks, I’ll be packing school lunches and putting out the school uniforms! The summer holidays are flying by and before I know it, they’ll be over. I have very mixed feelings about school. I won’t deny that I love having mornings to myself and uninterrupted time to work but I do love having my girls at home with me and not having to rush through every day and hardly spend any time together.

With school approaching fast, I thought I’d focus this blog on some stationery bits and bobs that will bring joy to your child and envy to all their friends! Unlike uniforms, books etc, school stationery doesn’t have to cost a lot. Most of the items listed below cost less than €3.

10 Colour Scentos Pen

Not all children are allowed to use biros but as they get older, they will need at least two colours of pen. These Scentos pens are fun and functional in one pen, as you get 10 colours of ink, each with a different fruit scent! They come in 3 colours (pink, blue, red or green)

Scented Erasers

Now, these bring me back to my school days! The pouch contains 5 erasers, each with a different scent. They cost €2 (that’s just 40c per rubber)

Gogopo Fruit Scented Erasers

Scented Erasers

Lipstick Erasers

Not everyone likes smelly stuff so it that’s the case with your child, they might prefer this 2 pack of Lipstick erasers. They look like lipstick and you twist them the same as lipsticks.

Lipstick erasers

Lipstick Erasers

Nail Varnish Highlighters

If you’re getting lipsticks for your pencil cases, why not get some nail polish too! These highlighter pens look like bottles of nail varnish. You get two per pack.

Nail Varnish highlighters

Nail Varnish Highlighter Pens

Secret Ink Pen

If your child likes writing messages but doesn’t want the teacher to be able to read them, then these secret ink pens are the biz! They have invisible ink which can only be viewed using the UV light built into the lid of the pen.

Mermaid Spy Pen

Secret Ink Pen

Sticky Notes

While we’re on the topic of passing notes, how cute are these postit notes for sending messages to friends on. Choose between the bear ones or ones that look like ice-pops. If you like bigger books of sticky notes, I stock three lovely books – Rainbows Make Me Smile, Follow Your Dreams and I Love Unicorns.

Ice Pop Sticky Notes

Ice-Pop Sticky Notes

Bear Essentials Sticky Notes

Bear Essential Sticky Notes

Magic Markers

If you need to bring markers into school and your school doesn’t provide them, then these magic ones are sure to make all the other children jealous, There’s 9 different coloured felt tip pens and one white one, which when used over the colours, change them to completely different colours.

Colour Changer Magic Markers

Magic Markers

Fun Stickers

It can be fun to swap stickers or just decorate school books and pencil cases with them. This is a set of 200 emoji stickers.

Emoji Smiley Face Stickers

Rope Erasers

These blue rope erasers are lovely and there’s enough rubber to last the whole school year! They cost only €1 each. I also stock them in pink.

Blue Rope Eraser Rubber Stationery

Rope Eraser

Novelty Pencils

For younger school goers, these pencils are super cool. Choose between a unicorn one or a pterodactyl one.

Fiesta Toys Unicorn Pencil

Unicorn Pencil

Fiesta Toys - Pterodactyl Pencil. Dinosaur Stationery

Pterodactyl Pencil

Scentos Gel Pens

If your child uses these gel pens, your teacher will have a lovely smell when s/he corrects your child’s work! There are two sets to choose from – the neon ones or the glitter ones. I also stock Scentos markers if your child prefers felt tips to gel pens.

Scentos - 5 Scented Glitter Gel Pens

Scentos Glitter Gel Pens

Scentos - 5 Neon Scented Gel Pens

Scentos Neon Gel Pens

Jumbo Highlighters

So, these might not fit into your child’s pencil case but the size is impressive and the reality is that you may never have to buy a highligher ever again! Available in 4 colours. They cost €2 each.

GoGoPo Jumbo Scented Highlighters

Jumbo Highlighters

Zigzag Scissors

If your child loves art and craft lessons then they will be able to make even more impressive crafts with these zigzag scissors. It comes with 3 sets of scissors with different shaped blades (zigzag, wavy)

Craft Scissors

Zigzag Scissors

Eraser and Sharpener Sets

If you need to have a pencil case in school and a separate one at school, then this set comes with 2 rubbers and 2 sharpeners.

Gogopo triangular eraser and pencil sharpener

Eraser and Sharpener Set

Fluffy Light Up Pen

These pens are super cute but when you lean on the nib to write, the heart at the top lights up! Cool

Light up pen

Fluffy Light Up Pen

A Wooden Knight Pen

This is a fab pen that has a little knight perched on top!

I hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to liven up your child’s pencil case this school year. If you haven’t found what you want or you want more ideas, you can find my full range of stationery here.

Or, if you are buying for younger children and these items are just too advanced for them, you can find a list of stationary for pre-school aged children (and older) in my last blog

Now, enjoy these last few weeks of not having to make school lunches and help with homework!

xx Suzie

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