Top 10 Arts and Craft Kits for 6-8 Year Olds

I love how creative this age group are and I love that when they reach this age, they need less adult guidance to make masterpieces that they are proud of! Arts and Craft activities for this age are very popular on my website but there’s my top ten!

1. Colour Your Own Mindfulness Flashcards

mindfulness flashcards

This set has 18 mindfulness flashcards to colour in.

2. Crafty Cutters

Craft Scissors

Although not a ‘craft kit’ these crafting scissors will enhance so many craft projects. The set has three pairs of scissors which cut in different patterns.

3. Collage Creations

Headu Collage Creations Montessori

You can encourage lots of creativity with an open set like this one. Comes with plenty of coloured and designed paper, ideas and scissors.

4. Deluxe Scratch Art

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art - Deluxe Combo Box

Scratch Art is the simple project of scratching black (or white paper) to reveal a different colour underneath.  This scratch art set comes with 15 scratch art boards, a stencil sheet with over 30 shapes, 2 styluses, frames, and instructions.

5. Paint your own Wooden Dolls 

Russian Dolls to paint

This set of wooden dolls comes with a paintbrush and paints so that your child can paint them as they wish.  This craft probably suits children aged 7+ or adult help may be needed to draw finer points likes faces on the dolls.

6. Origami Fortune Tellers

Djeco - Origami Brightly Coloured Fortune Tellers

Make your own fortune tellers with these craft sets from Djeco. Choose between the brightly coloured ones or the pastel ones. Each set has enough origami paper and stickers to make 24 fortune tellers.

7. Decorate your own Token Launchers

Djeco - Decorate your own Token Launchers

This is a craft that turns into a game!

8. Step by Step Drawing Kits

Djeco Step by Step Drawing Animals

Choose between a pink box, a blue box or a box that focuses on learning how to draw animals. These kits have a whiteboard, a marker, and 24 cards, each showing steps to complete a different picture. They are very clever and before you know it, your child will be able to draw items you never dreamt they would be drawing.

9. Fabulous Foil

fabulous foil - galt toys ireland 5

This is a mess free craft that allows your child to make sparkly pictures by transfering glittery paper onto sticky shapes on a picture. It’s easy to do and  the results are really effective.

10.  DIY Mosaic Tiaras

Djeco - DIY Mosaic Tiaras
Djeco – DIY Mosaic Tiaras

This is a fun mosaic craft that can be shared between sisters or friends.

If none of these are what you are looking for, you will find my full range of arts and crafts here and my full range of toys for 6-8-year-olds here. You might also like this art and craft kit blog  or the blog on Craft Kits for 3-5 year olds.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

xx Suzie


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