Top Science Kits

Top Science Kits
To mark the end of Science Week, I thought I’d show off my top five science kits on my website. We’ll make our way down the chart.



This fun science kit will teach you all about geology but the best bit is that you get to make your very own geodes from scratch.

For ages 8 and over

Number 4 : The 6 in 1 Science Lab

6 experiments in one box science set

This kit has everything you need to:

  • Make your own Snow
  • Make a Tornado Alley
  • Grow your own Crystal Tree
  • Dig for your own Crystal Gems
  • Create your own Volcanic Eruption
  • and Dig for a Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Fossil

Recommended for children aged 10+

Number 3 : Bubble Lab

Bubble Lab

With this Bubble Lab from Galt Toys, you can learn to to construct 3D bubbles and also blow some odd shaped bubbles.  It comes with a 16 page full colour lab booklet which teaches the science behind bubbles, why they are usually round, how to make mega bubbles and other bubble facts.

Recommended for children aged 5+.

Number 2 : A Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit

Grow 4 chemically different types of crystals that are different in colour and shape. Watch them grow and collect data for each crystal using the record sheets included.

For children aged 8+

Number 1 : Kitchen Science Kit

Kitchen Lab Galt Toys Ireland

This Kitchen Science kit has 6 different experiments to do:

  • Power a clock with an apple
  • Check the freezing point of different liquids
  • The effect of salt on ice
  • An experiment to understand acidity and alkalinity
  • How to send invisible ink messages
  • How bubbles are made.

It’s for children aged 5+

If none of these take your fancy, why not check out my full range of Science Toys here. I hope you’ve enjoyed Science Week and that the science fun continues.


xx Suzie


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