Top 10 Stocking Fillers

This is the time of year when my cheaper range of toys flies out. I call these my pocket money toys or my stocking fillers. Here are my top 10 best selling stocking fillers for 2017….

  1. Flying Gliders – these are cheap and cheerful stocking fillers.Flying gliders retro pocket money toys
  2. Kaleidoscopes – I stock these in pink/red, yellow and blue.
  3. Goki - Toy Kaleidoscope, pocket money toys
  4.  Fluffy Keyrings – I stock these in pastel or neon colours.Neon Fluffy Keyring from GoGoPo
  5. Whoopee Cushions – Bring back the old-fashioned fun! These self inflating whooppee cushions are so much fun for all ages!Self Inflating whoopee cushion
  6. Bendy Monsters

Bendy Monsters Fidget Toys

  1. Spy Glasses – these have rearview mirrors so you can see what is happening behind you!

Spy Glasses with Rearview Mirrors

  1. Finger Monsters – these quirky little characters have lots of wobble in them. Pull their arms and they stretch out. They are simple but lots of fun and they cost only €1.50 each.
    Finger monsters pocket money toys fidgets
    Finger monsters pocket money toys fidgets


  2. Fairy Gliders – although not quite as popular as the Flying Gliders, the Fairy variety is also very popular and cost €1 each too.
    Fairy Glider Pocket Money Toys
    Fairy Glider Pocket Money Toys


  3. Googly Eye Pens – new to my 2017 range of toys are these GoGoPo pens. They cost €2 each
  4. Spy Pen with Invisible Ink and UV Light These are very clever pens that write invisible messages. Then turn on the UV light that is built into the lid and your message appears!

    Spy Pen with Invisible Ink and UV light
    Spy Pen with Invisible Ink and UV light
  5. Temporary Tattoos – I also sell a lot of the Jewellery tattoos but the yellow pack slightly outsells the pink pack. They cost €5 for the pack

    Melissa and Doug Children's temporary tattoos - metallic ones
    Melissa and Doug Children’s temporary tattoos – metallic ones

Click on ‘Pocket Money Toys‘ to see my full range. I have 151 toys in this category so if the above doesn’t interest you, I’m sure you’ll find one or two that do!.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some wooden stocking fillers that cost less than €5, some pocket money toys that cost less than €2 , what other people receive in their stocking stuffers, or stocking fillers that cost less than €2.50, read this blog.

Happy Shopping,

xx Suzie

PS. You might be interested in seeing what my best selling toys were in 2016 or my list of toys that cost €20 as these make great Christmas gifts.


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