Top Toys for July ’22

Top Toys for July ’22

July has been another busy month of sales as people have stocked up on lots of travel activities and outdoor toys. Here’s the ten best selling toys for the past month.

10.  400 Wooden Beads

Djeco - 400 Wooden Beads

This set comes in a compact box which is ideal for travelling with and there’s enough beads to keep several children busy for hours.

9. Dinosaur Tattoos

50 Dinosaur Tattoos

With legs and arms exposed to the summer sun, there’s no better way to show off your Irish tan than with some temporary dinosaur tattoos!

8. Pocket Kites

Pocket Kite

For the 3rd month in a row, these pocket kites have made it into my top ten best selling toys! They are perfect for cloudy, windy days and fold up small so they can be packed easily.

7. Ninja Wall Climbers

Ninja Wall Climbers

This is a set of 4 sticky men who can somersault down windows.

6. Fortune Tellers

Djeco Origami Fortune Tellers Origami Fortune Tellers

Fold the pretty paper according to the instructions, add the forfeiting stickers and let the fun begin. This set has enough to make 24 fortune tellers. It comes in a slim pack, perfect for travelling with.

5. Wonderstars

Glow in the Dark Stars - Wonder Stars

This is a set of 50 Glow in the Dark stars. They come with a lifetime glow guarentee.

4. Metallic Tattoos

Melissa and Doug Children's temporary tattoos - metallic ones

If you don’t feel like decorating your body with the dinosaur tattoos, then these might suit you better. They were the fourth best selling toy this July.

3. Gymnastic Ribbons

Gymnastics dance ribbon wand

These gymnastic ribbons are really long pieces of rainbow ribbon attached to a plastic wand. They are perfect for dancing with and ideal for playing with outside.

2. Fairy Gliders

Fairy Glider Pocket Money Toys

These cost less than a euro each and a lot of people add them to their cart to complete their orders.

Drum roll please…..

 1.Flying Gliders

Flying gliders retro pocket money toys

Another great pocket money toy that make a great travel activity or party bag favour.

So, there you have it – the top ten best selling toys on my website in July. Have you a favourite? As always, I’d like to thank everyone who shopped from me this past month. Every order brings a smile to my face and helps put food on my table!

xx Suzie

PS. If you read this because you were expecting it to feature more outdoor toys and you feel disappointed, you might find this blog with 8 great outdoor toys more like what you are looking for.

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