Toy Review – Play Mais

PlayMais Review
It was a rainy day and the girls were getting bored, which meant they were fighting non-stop. I stopped what I was doing and took a deep breath. This is usually followed with some cross words about how lucky they are to have each other and to have toys in the house and why can’t they find something to work on either together or separately and stop fighting. However, on this particular day, I decided to handle things differently. I forget about the washing and went to my store room and came back with a huge bucket of PlayMais. The girls’ faces lit up. They dug their hands into the bucket and loved the sensation of the Mais moving around and making space for their little hands. They loved the bright colours and they loved the idea that we’d get to sit down and work on a craft together.

Classic bucket with 500 PlayMais

I showed them the instructions. My eldest (aged *8) wanted to try to make a unicorn while my youngest was happy to design her own creation, which was good, as the 8 year old needed a little help with the unicorn.

Each Mais is made from corn starch, so they feel a bit like Chikateeze Crisps! The set comes with a plastic knife for cutting them. We also found that the scissors were great for this. If you lightly moisten them, they stick to each other. Can I stress the lightly!! Wet them too much and they dissolve and shrink! The set comes with a little sponge which we kept damp and we touched the Mais off it to dampen them.

The girls and I worked with these for about an hour before getting tired of them. We made the unicorn and a little girl. We also made an island and some cool patterns.

There’s so many in the bucket that by the time we had finished, it looked like we had hardly used any! About a week later, we took them out again but this time we stuck them to cardboard to make 3D posters. This went down really well too. (Since originally writing this blog, I’ve added 2 more sets of PlayMais that invoices making 3D pictures using PlayMais balls – they are the Forest and the Zoo ones)

PlayMais - Little Zoo

These PlayMais are compostable and environmentally friendly. If your pet accidently eats one that falls on the floor, it won’t cause them any harm.

PlayMais - Little Zoo

One final word of warning – don’t leave the damp sponge in your bucket of PlayMais after you have finished creating with them. We did this recently and all the remaining Mais absorbed the moisture and shrank!

I hope your experience with PlayMais is as positive as ours.

Happy Creating!

Xx Suzie


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