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Toy Review – Lottie Doll Stables

Toy Review – Lottie Doll Stables

** Update – I don’t stock this anymore but I’m still happy to recommend it. It’s a lovely toy**


When Lottie Dolls came onto the market, one of the first items my daughters wanted was Seren, the Pony. Since then, we have added to our Lottie collection, but Seren has always had a prominent place in Lottie play. Last month, Arklu added two more products to their range which included a Treehouse for Lottie, Finn and their friends to play in and a Stables for Seren and Sirius, their ponies. I expected the girls to enjoy the treehouse more, so I assembled it first and they loved it. However, I was pleasantly surprized with how much they have played with the stables since I assembled it on Saturday.


The Assembly

After attempting to assemble the treehouse on my own (and having to humble myself and ask for help), I wasn’t as enthusiastic about assembling the stables, which also comes flat-packed. However, I had nothing to worry about this time. Maybe I’m just getting used to interpreting the step by step picture instructions or maybe this one just is easier. It took me less than an hour and I found it very straightforward.


The Stables

The stables themselves are quite big, measuring H 330 x W 420 x D 250mm. They take up more room than the treehouse. There are three rooms in the wooden building – two stalls for the horses which have traditional style half doors on hinges, so it’s easy to move Senen in and out and for him to peek his head out the half door. The third room is at the end and is accessible by double doors. This room is a horse tack room and is great for keeping horse riding accessories in and for Lottie to change in when she’s going horse riding. There’s a bench which she can sit on. She can store her riding boots neatly under this and fold her jodhpurs and riding clothes to sit neatly on this bench. Above the bench is a wooden hanging rail for her to keep her riding hats, the stirrups, Seren’s coat and anything else that needs to be hung. I found that my kids were more than happy to play with these stables using these three sets of doors but there’s also the alternative of playing with a ‘bird’s eye view’ by lifting off the roof of the stables. This is easy to do and easy to put back in place – even by little hands.


The Accessories

Lottie’s Stables come with four fences each measuring approx 20cm in length. They are robust and made from wood. My girls had fun arranging them around the stables. Initially, they placed them so that they enclosed the stables and gave Senen room to move out and graze without leaving the field. Then, they moved them so that Seren could jump them. Finally, they placed them in a square around Seren. They stand alone and don’t clip together, so, again, they are easy for little hands to manage without causing frustration or without having to call for help. A beautiful, white wooden trough for the ponies to drink out of.

The stables don’t come with any Lottie dolls, ponies or horse riding accessories, these can all be purchased separately.

The Conclusion

When I compare Lottie products to what their competitors are making, I’m always amazed at the quality of Lottie, Seren and now these wooden buildings. Other companies will scrimp and use cheaper plastic and yet charge the same amount. Arklu has truly given us another amazing, top quality product with lots of play value at a very affordable price and I can’t recommend these wooden stables enough. It’s the kind of toy that will be played with for years and will be still in great condition that you’ll be able to put in your attic for your grandchildren in years to come. You’ll find it hard to source a nicer one on the market.

xx Suzie

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