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Toy Review – Stained Glass Made Easy

Toy Review – Stained Glass Made Easy

** Update – I no longer stock this toy but I’m still happy to recommend it


As a child, I remember making ‘stained glass’ out of black card and tissue paper. I was delighted with the outcome but boy, have things improved in 30 years! Last week, I introduced the Melissa and Doug craft ‘Stained Glass Made Easy’ to my website and I felt I needed to give one a go and see if it ready was as easy and mess-free as advertised. Unlike other stained glass crafts that my kids have done, this one didn’t need glass paint (that won’t wash out of clothes).

The activity comes in flat cardboard packaging. Inside is one sheet of opaque coloured stickers arranged in the pattern they are to form on the ‘glass’ panel. The reason I put glass in inverted commas is that I don’t actually think it’s glass. It’s more like tough, clear plastic with think, black, raised borders to show where each sticker is to be placed. I hope you can see from the photo above how you just transfer the stickers from the first sheet into the exact same spot on the ‘glass’ sheet. There are 70+ stickers to transfer in the unicorn one that we did. My 9-year-old is unicorn mad so she did this craft. It took her about 30 minutes to complete.

Once all the stickers are in place, you tie the satin cord on the hangers. You place the suction cup on a window and then you just hang it from the suction hook. With the tying of the satin cord, she needed a little bit of help. The stained glass unicorn has hung in place (with pride) for the past week and appears very secure – typical of Melissa and Doug’s quality.

My daughter was delighted with the outcome, although the activity itself was a bit simple for her. This craft is recommended for children aged 4+ and I would say that children over 7 years of age would start to find it simple, so it’s perfect for four, five and six-year-olds. It really is mess-free and is great for fine motor skills.


It’s great value, at only €8.10, which makes it a great present or rainy day activity for other unicorn lovers!

xx Suzie



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