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Toy Review – Teddy in a Tin

Toy Review – Teddy in a Tin

Last January, my 6-year-old was eager to spend some of her Christmas money, so I brought her into Dundrum to choose some clothes and one toy. She chose a Teddy in a Tin craft set and I was so impressed with the toy, that I later added the Gift in a Tin range to my stock.

The teddy she chose was ‘Cuddly Bear’. I wasn’t able to stock this one, as it was part of last year’s range but I stock one very similar called ‘Travel Bear‘. Some of the accessories are different and the Travel Bear is a darker shade of beige but apart from these small differences, they are very similar.

Here’s what came in the tin

Teddy in a Tin Contents

The instructions were really clear with photos to illustrate the description of what needed to be done. My six-year-old, who isn’t a great reader yet, was able to follow the photos to make her teddy and accessories.

Teddy in a Tin Instructions

It was easy for her to stuff the teddy through a small hole in his spine, which she then sewed closed.

Stuffing the Teddy in a Tin

All the areas that need to be sewn have pre-punched holes, so it’s easy for the child to do it, using the plastic needle from the kit.

sewing the Teddy in a tin

The craft took about 45 minutes to complete which included stuffing the teddy and sewing him up, writing a birth certificate and making a bag, a pillow and a heart for him.

Three months later and this teddy (and the tin) accompany my daughter to bed most nights. It’s a lovely craft set with a quality toy to enjoy after the craft is completed. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Click here for my full range of Gifts in A Tin. They are amazing value at just €13.95 each and they make lovely presents.

xx Suzie

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