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14 Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys that cost less than €15

14 Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys that cost less than €15

Earlier this week, I received a facebook message from a mum who was looking for some present suggestions for her three and a half year old son. She is looking to spend between €10 and €15. Every little person is different and I don’t know this little boy. I don’t know whether he can sit still for 10 minutes or if he’d struggle with that. I don’t know if he prefers active play over craft time or whether he loves both equally. So, here are some suggestions that should cover quite a few of the different types of pre-school boys (hopefully!)

For a boy who likes throwing things!:

It’s hard for little boys not to throw things around the house, especially when the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor play. The Hot Potato Game (€14.99) is a soft potato that plays music and when the music stops you pass it to someone else. It’s soft so suitable for indoor play and great for developing motor skills.

The Hot Potato Game

The Hot Potato Game

For a boy who loves storytelling and imagination:

I’d recommend the Three Little Pigs Shadow Puppet Set (€14.50) Teach your child the story and then allow them to retell it using the shadow puppets and the wind-up flashlight.


For a boy who loves trains:

This beautifully made wooden train from Plan Toys is amazing value at just €12.99. It fits on any wooden train tracks.


For a boy who likes dressing up and make-believe:

I have two fancy dress costumes that would fit a boy this age. The first is the Melissa and Doug Race Car Driver which is currently less than half price (now €14.99) but is missing the steering wheel. The second is a Knight’s Costume, which is also reduced (to €14.99)


For a boy who likes ‘science’ and wonder:

This Junior Magnet Set (€9.20) will have him looking for metal all over your house and garden. I think these kinds of boys would also love Glow in the Dark Stars (€7.99) for their bedroom

Glow in the Dark Stars - Wonder Stars

Glow in the Dark Stars – Wonder Stars


For a boy that likes jigsaws:

Disney Cars box of 9 Jigsaws (currently reduced to €14.99). Some of these jigsaws are quite difficult, so I’d only choose this if he really loved jigsaws, otherwise, I’d recommend it for children aged 4.5 years to 6 years). Otherwise, I’d suggest this lovely Pirate Jigsaw from Djeco (also €14.99)

Honor and Friends Giant Jigsaw


For an outdoor type of boy:

A Pocket Kite (€7) and A Jar of Marbles (€8.50)

Pocket Kite

Pocket Kite


For a boy who likes Arts and Crafts:

I’d recommend the Disney Planes 2 in 1 Sand Art Set (€10.99). Supervision and help will be needed to work on this with your three year old. I’d also recommend the Dinosaur Sticker Mosaics (€10.50) or the Decorate A Wooden Pirate Chest Craft (€9.99)

Djeco Dinosaur Mosaics

Djeco Dinosaur Mosaics




Great, I hope my customer can find something from these suggestions that her little boy will love. Obviously, these toys would be great for little girls too, but I’ve focused on little boys since that was the question I was given. Click on this link to see my full range of toys that suit children approx 3-5 years old as maybe you’ll find something else that suits your child better or perhaps you would prefer buy 3- 5 smaller toys from my pocket money range to fit your budget.

Have fun!

xx Suzie

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