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Travel Activities for 7 and 8 Year Olds

Travel Activities for 7 and 8 Year Olds

It seems only fitting, after writing my last two blogs, to follow up with one for older children.  Personally, I find travelling and entertaining older children less work. Partly because I enjoy some of the activities/games that they enjoy (I guess I’m just a big kid at heart).

So, here are 10 activities that I’ve enjoyed doing with my kids when they were this age and we were travelling or waiting in a restaurant for food.

  1. Pick-Up Sticks

This game comes in a small box and although it’s probably hard to play on a plane or train and impossible to play in a car, it’s a really handy size for pop into a bag and bring out when your children start complaining that they are bored. The idea is that your let the sticks randomly fall in a heap and then you take turns trying to remove a stick without disturbing the other sticks. If you do, you have to leave your stick. Once all the sticks have been successfully retrieved, you count up the points. Each stick has a coloured ring on it and each colour gets a different amount of points.

Pick Up Sticks Game - Game of Skill

2. Colour your own Postcards

Postcards are gradually becoming a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way! These packs of ‘Colour your own Postcards’ have 10 postcards in each. Enough to keep your child busy on a plane journey or in a coffee shop, and great for them to write little messages to friends and family about how they are enjoying their holidays! I stock a pink packet and a green packet.

Colour your own Postcards, Travel Activity

Colour your Own Postcards - Pink Pack your Own Postcards - Pink Pack

3. Colouring Pencils

If you are bringing colouring activities for your child, don’t forget to pack some colours for them to use. I have found that a lot of good restaurants give out colouring pages to children to use while they wait for food to be served. I have also found that they give out blunt or broken crayons. These are fine for younger children but older children find it hard to keep within lines using chunky crayons. These little tubes of crayons cost just €2 and come with a built in sharpener.

GoGoPo Colouring Pencils in a Tube

4. A Kite

I feel like I harp on a lot about the pocket kites I stock, but that’s because they really deserve it. They are small, light and have no rods, so they are hard to break. They also fly so well (check out all the reviews they have on my page – it’s not just me that loves them!)

Pocket Kite

5. Return Ball

These tennis balls on an elastic tread attached to a wrist band are fab if there’s no other kids around to play with your child and they are wanting some outdoor time and a challenge. The aim is to throw the ball to the ground and then catch it as it springs back. Once mastered using both hands, then try using your dominant hand and then your less dominant. I think you’ll find that everyone will want a go!

Game Time - Return Ball

6. Eduludo Shapes

If you’re staying in Ireland this year, then plan for some wet spells, when playing outside isn’t an option. If your child loves solving puzzles and working out where shapes fit, then this Eduludo Shapes activity will be right up their street. It’s a children’s version of Tangrams where you have to figure out how to use the wooden shapes so that you complete the pictures shown on the cards.

Djeco - Eduludo Shapes - STEM toy

7. The Beetle Game

This is a fun game that the whole family can play. Each part of the beetle corresponds to a number on the dice. For example if you throw the number 6, you get to draw a body. You take turns with the dice and the first person to finish drawing their beetle wins.

Great Games, The Beetle Game, Retro Game

8.  The Matilda Card Game

The characters in this card game are based on the Roald Dahl book, Matilda. This is a fast moving game with the winner being the person who first gets rid of all their cards.

Matilda Card Game

9. Scratch Art Keyrings and Bookmarks

Creative children will love spending time designing bookmarks or keyrings using these scratch art kits and there’s plenty in each pack if other children or adults want to do them too. They make lovely ‘holiday gifts’ for friends and family too!

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Party Pack - Make your own Bookmarks

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Key Rings - Party Pack

10.  Guess My Name Game

These card games are the same as ‘Guess Who’ but it’s a travel version. Each pack contains 30 cards and 2 pencils. I stock two packs, a grey pack and a purple pack.

Guess my Name, Who am I travel game by Djeco Mini Logix

Guess my Name, Guess Whotravel game by Djeco Mini Logix

I hope that helps you as you plan your break away with your seven or eight year old.  If you are also travelling with younger children, take a look at my last two blogs:

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Have a lovely holiday,

xx Suzie


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