Travel Activities for 9 and 10 year olds

Travel activities for nine and ten year olds
With the summer fast approaching, it’s time to get ready for having the kids off school. If you are lucky enough to have a  holiday planned and you’re travelling with a 9 or 10 year old, then you might find this blog helpful. This is my last blog on travel activities. If you missed my last ones and they interest you, you can find them here:

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Today I’m focusing on travel activities for 9 and 10 year olds. Like the other blogs, these activities aren’t necessarily for doing while in a car/on a plane (and most of them aren’t suitable for this) but rather toys to keep your child busy on a rainy day or when they are hungry and waiting for food to be served. They are toys and games which you will hopefully enjoy doing with them or which might encourage other children to join in with. So, here they are !

1. Spirograph Window Designer

Spirograph Window Designer is perfect for creating cool designs on car windows while you travel long journeys together

Spirograph Window Designer

2. A Scrunch Flyer

You’re never too old for a game of frisbee and in fact older children are more competitive and skilled. These Scrunch Flyers are made of silicone so they can fold neatly into any bag or suitcase and hardly weigh anything. I also stock a pink version.

Scrunch Flyer - Duck Egg Blue


3. Down the Rabbit Hole – Magnetic Puzzles

This magnetic book has 48 puzzles to solve. There are four levels of difficulty so your can work your way up. It’s a one person game. I also stock a very similar puzzle book for those who prefer football called Gooal.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Magnetic Puzzle Book

4. A French Knitting Doll

Making a French knitting rope takes time and you will probably find that your child has more time than usual when they are on their holidays. This is the kind of activity you can put down and pick up again throughout your holiday. Once you have made the rope, coil and shape it into whatever you desire to make.

French knitting doll

5. Juggling Balls

There’s no better time than holidays to learn a new skill, as you have time to practice and juggling is a skill that will always impress!

Net of 3 Juggling Balls

6. A French Skipping Rope

Also known as ‘elastics’, ‘Cats Cradle’ or ‘Chinese Rope’ this is an activity where you wrap the long elastic rope around the ankles of two people and then the third person jumps over it in an arranged sequence. Once achieved, the rope gets raised until the sequence is no longer possible and the next player tries it. They are super light and small for travelling with and great if you are staying in a caravan park or somewhere where there are other kids as it will encourage them to play together.

French skipping rope, cats cradle, elastics

7. Return Ball

It’s not always possible to have someone you can throw a ball to but these return balls can fix that problem. The tennis ball is connected to a wrist band with a long elastic rope. Throw the ball and it will return. The challenge is to learn to catch it!

Game Time - Return Ball

8. Origami Sea Creatures

Learn how to make cool sea creatures by folding paper in a specific way and if sea creatures aren’t your thing, I also stock origami dinosaurs, airplanes, animals and small boxes.

Sea Creature Origami

9. Where’s Wally – Find it Fast

This is such a fun observation game where you have to find items on your card before everyone else does.

Where's Wally? Find it Fast Game

10. Make your own Brazilian style friendship bracelets

This activity will keep your children busy for hours. There’s five styles of bracelets to learn to make and enough thread for seven bracelets. What’s great about this holiday activity is that you have gifts to bring home to friends once you have made them!

Janod Friendship bracelets

I hope that helps you as you prepare going on holidays with your nine and ten year old children. If none of these suit your child or children and you think travel games might work better, you can find my blog ‘Travel Games for 9-12 year olds’ here or you can find my full range of toys for this age group here:

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Happy holliers!

xx Suzie


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