Travel Games for 6-9 Year Olds

Travel Games for 6-9 Year Olds

Hi Suzie,

Its my god daughters Birthday this week and she is heading to America in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to get her some bits and pieces for the plane journey. Would you have any travel games or toys, she will be 6 and her brother is 9 so something that would be suitable for both,

Cheers, ——

Hi ——.

Thanks for thinking of my shop. If she is good at spelling, then this creating words activity could be fun. Children can play it on their own or it can be played like scrabble.

Wooden Creating Words Game Boggle

My girls  really enjoy some of the Melissa and Doug crafts that are good for travelling with. Any of the Scratch Art packs are light and both kids would enjoy it.



Melissa and Doug Rainbow Scratch Art

My girls also love the Beetle Game  although there are some small pieces so it may not be a great idea to play if the flight is turbulent. It’s light and could come in handy while away.

The Beetle Game

The Yes/No game is fun to play and is light and small, although the 6 year old probably isn’t old enough to read the questions to her brother, the parents could read them out.

The Yes No Game


Or these Colouring Velvet Cards are lovely and you can’t colour outside the lines, even if the journey is rough!

Melissa and Doug Magic Velvet Colouring Pad Animals

I’ve written a couple of blogs that might interest you/have some ideas – Activities to bring on holidays with 5-7 year olds , Travel Toys for School Aged Children and  5 Things to Keep Children Happy on a Long Flight

Thanks again for your enquiry,



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