Travel Games for Kids aged 9-12

Travel Games for Kids aged 9-12
My last two blogs have been hugely popular, so I’ve decided to follow the theme and do one last blog on travel toys, activities and games. If you missed my blog on ‘Travel Activities for 3-5 Year Olds‘ or ‘Travel Toys for 6-8 Year Olds’ and you have kids those ages, they are worth a read.

Today’s blog is for older children. I have a child who fits into this category and a lot of the time when we are in restaurants or coffee shops, her go to ‘toy’ is my phone (which I hate and resist most of the time). I find it much easier if I have an alternative for her to keep her busy while we wait for food, wait in an airplane or wait for a rain shower to pass.

As with the other two blogs, I’ve kept within 4 parameters when it comes to recommending travel games:

  • They have to be small, light and easy to travel with
  • They can’t be expensive
  • You have to be able to use them several times
  • They can’t be toys or games that will annoy anyone else around when they are being played.


So, here goes – here are my top ten games to bring on holidays for 9-12 year olds.



2. Make your own Friendship Bracelets

Janod Friendship bracelets

This lovely box has enough to keep your child busy making friendship bracelets, which they can then bring home as gifts for their friends or family.

3. Chess


This is slightly more expensive than I’d like to spend on a holiday toy but the reality is that this quality wooden game is one that won’t just get used on holidays. It wouldn’t be suitable to play while on a turbulent plane journey but would be perfect for putting in time as the adults finish off a meal or on a rainy day in a caravan.

4. Matilda Card Game

Matilda Card Game

Card Games are great for evenings in or wet days in a caravan. This one features characters from Roald Dahl’s book Matilda and is aimed for children and adults aged 6+




6. Pick up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks Game

We have played this games in many a restaurant and it’s one that our whole family enjoy. You gather the sticks and then let them fall randomly in a pile. Then you take turns taking them out but if you make any of the other sticks wobble, you have to leave your stick where it is. Each stick has a different ring pattern and some ring patterns have more points than others.




8. Origami

Make your own Origami Animals with this kit from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

Learn how to fold paper in a way so that it looks like animals. Again, we have brought a set with us on holidays before.

9.  Legespiel Puzzle

Goki - Legespiel pattern solving cube Puzzle Game

This puzzle is made up of 4 wooden cubes and 26 wooden cards with different patterns printed on them. The aim is to turn the cubes so that you replicate the pattern on the cards. It’s nice and small for popping into a suitcase or bag and once taken out, everyone will want a go at solving the puzzles.

10. 5 Second Rule Mini Game

5 Second Rule Mini Game

Five Second Rule Mini Game is a compact little game that the whole family will enjoy playing. You turn over a card and have five seconds to make five things linked with what the card is asking.

Well, there you have it – my top ten travel games for kids aged 9-12 Years. I think you’ll find that if you invest in some of these games, you’ll enjoy them as much as your children and together you’ll make memories out of time that might otherwise be spent moaning!

Have a great holiday wherever you go,

xx Suzie

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