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Travel Toys For School Aged Children

Travel Toys For School Aged Children

In April, I wrote a very popular blog on ‘Travel Toys for Pre-School Aged Children‘ and now, with the school holidays looming, I thought I’d write one with older children in mind. So, if you have primary aged children and you’re looking for some small, light toys or games to bring on holidays with you, here’s my favourite.

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet travel game for car journeys

Travel Card Game. This game is perfect for families to play on long car journeys. €5

Alphabet Workbook

Alphabet Sticker Book for 3 and 4 year olds from Galt

If you are taking your child out of school to go on holiday, you can ease your conscience by giving them some educational work to do while away! The great thing is that many children actually love filling in workbooks. This one will help them recognise letters and write them.

 A Kite.

Pocket Kite

Perfect if you are planning on spending time on a beach. The ones I sell cost €7 and are small and light for travelling with.

Travel Mosaics

Galt Toys - Travel Mosaics

This book of Travel Mosaics is small for travelling with but will keep your child busy as they find the right coloured stickers for each picture.

Gepetto’s Penguin.

Gepettos Squirrel wooden 3D puzzle

Gepettos Squirrel wooden 3D puzzle

This wooden puzzle would be perfect if you have to spend some time indoors due to weather or sunburn. Pop out the pieces and slot them together. It costs €3.99

On the Go – Scratch Art.

Scratch Art - Colour Reveal - Safari

Scratch Art – Colour Reveal – Safari

I love these pads of scratch art. They are perfect to bring out in a restaurant while you wait for your food to be served. They cost €7.75 each.

Putty Peeps.

Again, this is great to play with when you’re waiting for food to be served. The tin costs €7

Wind Up Torch.

Wind-Up Flashlight / Torch

Wind-Up Flashlight / Torch

If your kids are going to be in a different bedroom to you, it is nice to leave them with a torch so if they wake up in the dark, they can use it to reassure themselves or find their way to the bathroom. These ones cost €6.50

Great Little Games.

Great Games, The Beetle Game, Retro Game

Great Games, The Beetle Game, Retro Game

I stock 4 different games which come in small boxes, easy to travel with. They cost €4.50. Choose from:

On the Go – Colour by Numbers.

I love these pads because they come with colours and they are super easy to travel with. They cost €7.75 each.


Yahtzee Dice Game

Yahtzee Dice Game

This game is brilliant for older children and the adults will love it too. It costs €15.99

Pick Up Sticks Game.

Pick Up Sticks Game - Game of Skill

Pick Up Sticks Game – Game of Skill

This is light and small but great fun to play. It costs €4

Mini Construction Kits.

These wooden kits allow you to make vehicles from the wooden pieces without the need for glue. They are reduced to €4.50 each.

Cluedo – Grab and Go.

A travel version of Cluedo that costs €10.99

Creativity Placemats.

If you are planning on eating out a lot and you have kids aged 7+, then I’d recommend these really cool placemats for your child to be working on while they wait for the food or wait for you to finish eating. They cost €12



Boggle game

Great fun for older kids and adults to play in the evenings. It costs €14.99

Tintastic Games

These games are also great for older children and adults. Each little tin costs €5.99. Choose from:

  • Skribble (aka Pictionary)
  • Acting Up (aka Charades)
  • Bluff
  • Never Say (aka Taboo)
  • Starts with
  • Trivia


This is a fun game that you can play around a table with the whole family. it costs €12.50

I hope this blog has helped you and that you all have lovely holidays, whether you are staying in Ireland or going abroad. If your child likes games more than toys, it might be worth looking at this Travel Games blog, or you might find this Travel Toys for 6-8 year olds blog interesting, although there is quite a bit of overlap between it and this blog.

xx Suzie

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