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What are L.O.L Dolls and Why are They so Popular?

What are L.O.L Dolls and Why are They so Popular?

** Update : I no longer stock LOL Dolls **

Before I stocked L.O.L Dolls, I was under considerable pressure to buy them! The reason being – I have two daughters (aged 7 and 8) and apparently, EVERYONE in school had a least three or four of these dolls. If you follow my blog, you’ll know I have a distaste for cheap toys that have little play value in them and I automatically presumed that these L.O.L Dolls would fit into that category. Oh, how wrong I was! If I’d known how much time my seven-year-old would spend playing with these dolls, I would have bought her some a few years ago! She literally moves into her own little imaginary world every day and from the playroom, I can hear her giving each doll a voice and squeaking out conversations between them. Now, I also have to say that my older daughter loved opening her doll and that was it! She is my more creative daughter and she has never engaged in imaginary play to the extent of my younger girl. She did, however, revamp her doll by painting her clothes and hair in metallic paint!

So, if you haven’t come across these dolls before and you are under pressure to buy one, what exactly are they?

  • A small doll about the height of your index finger for the Big Sister Dolls. The Little Sister Dolls are about half the size.
  • They have an oversized head for their body
  • and big cutie eyes
  • They are made of hard/good quality plastic
  • Depending on the series, they can have different assets for example, the glitter series have glittery/sparkly hair.
  • Depending on which doll you get, they do different things. They can wee, spit, cry or if you’re very lucky, change colour when immersed in icy water.
  • They all come with a rubber sippy cup/water bottle which matches their hair (and clothes, if they come with clothes – depending on the series and size)
  • Big Sisters come with a set of clothes and shoes (and sometimes two sets depending on the series), L’il Sisters just wear a nappy, which can’t be removed.
  • You get a guide with each doll which shows all the different dolls in that Series and all their names.
  • Each doll comes with a name and from it, you can deduct a little bit of the character of the doll. They all tend to have ‘cool’ types of names like ‘Rocker’ or ‘Honey Bee’
  • If they come with clothes and shoes. These are made from soft plastic/rubber and my seven-year-old has no problem dressing and undressing her dolls. There’s no buttons or ties that little hands can’t manage.
  • They come in a ball or capsule.

So, what’s the surprise element?

  • Firstly you don’t know what doll you are going to get. You have to buy the doll wrapped in several layers of packaging. It’s like a ‘Pass the parcel’ only one child is getting to open every layer and with each layer, there’s a clue as to which doll might be inside. The clue can be a little piece of paper with some symbols, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory (like a basket, a hairband, glasses or sunglasses)  and then eventually the doll. Because you don’t know what doll you are getting, there’s always a chance that you could end up with two of the same dolls.
  • You also don’t know what your doll can do after they drink water from their sippy cup.

What types of dolls are there and what do the terms mean?

Now, I’m far from an expert in this area, so I can only talk from experience of the ones we have in our house and in my shop and I’m sure there are loads of ones that we haven’t got yet.

  1. L’il Sisters are smaller dolls and ideally, you want to find their Big Sister (who kinda matches them – similar hair etc). There is less play value in these dolls as you can’t dress or undress them. They come with a pair of shoes which don’t fit the L’il Sister but are a gift from her to her Big Sister (if you’re lucky enough to get a match)
  2. Big Sisters are the dolls I have stocked up until now.
  3. Brothers. There are also boy dolls. I have yet to physically see one, so I can’t comment!
  4. Pets. The Pets are about the same size as the Big Sisters and again, you’re aiming to get a pet that belongs to a specific doll. They come with a small container of kinetic sand for them to play with and in the sand is hidden something for your pet. We only have one of these (a horse) so I really can’t speak with too much authority on these.
  5. Confetti Pop is referring to the ball in which your doll comes in. Most of the balls just have little compartments to open to get your doll and accessories out. The Confetti Pop has a ribbon and when your child pulls it, the compartment opens and lots of confetti flows out before you can get your doll.
  6. Glitter Series. These dolls are more glittery than other Big Sisters. Thankfully the glitter is well secured on their clothes and hair and you don’t find it rubbing off on everything they touch.
  7. Under Wraps. I think the story behind these dolls is that they are in disguise (I’m not sure why), so they come covered in soft plastic that you can remove. This can then be broken apart to form an extra set of shoes and clothes for your doll.
  8. Eye Spy. These dolls come with a ‘magnifying’ glass made of paper and plastic. When you hold it against some of the packagings, it reveals hidden messages. Some of these come in capsules (you’ll know by the shape of them) and then you also need your ‘magnifying’ glass to read the codes and put the codes into the capsule in order to open it. My advice is to stick the codes either onto the capsule or somewhere safe because if you lock your doll or her clothes into the capsule and forget the code, you may have trouble getting her out!

I hope this helps with your understanding of the wonderful world of L.O.L Dolls. In my opinion, the surprise element is a bit of a craze and once the doll has been opened the joy from the surprize quickly fades. However, what you are left with is a really cute little doll that appears to have loads of personality and attitude (from her hair style and sense of dress) and which can lead to hours and hours of imaginative play.

I hope you are as pleasantly surprized by L.O.L dolls as I was.

xx Suzie

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