What are STEM Toys?

What are STEM toys?

Have you heard the term ‘STEM Toys’ before? Maybe it’s just me since I’m in the toy business, but I’m hearing it pop up all the time! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics so STEM toys are toys, games, and crafts that encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of these subjects. These educational toys are fun for children to learn and develop skills through play. In the past STEM toys were often marketed more towards boys but there has been a huge shift in this so that now most STEM toys come with gender-neutral packaging.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on blogging about age-specific STEM toys but in today’s blog, I just want to explain what they are and show off my top 10 STEM toys from 2019.

  1. Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Crystal Growing Science Kit

These kits have everything your child needs to grow their own crystal. It’s a fun science experiment with dazzling results. Available in two different colours, this kit is a great introduction to science and geology for children aged 10+. 

2. Wooden Marble Run

Knight's Castle Ball Track Marble Run Goki Toys

Often kids don’t realise they are learning as they are playing and here is a prime example. Constructing a marble run is basic engineering as your child figures out how best to get the marble from the top to the bottom. The great thing about marble runs like these is that the blocks and shoots can be arranged in lots of different ways to get the same result so every time it is played with it teaches your child to think of different paths. 

3. Putty Peeps (Discontinued)

Putty Peeps stimulates children’s creative and sensory skills. Each small tub of putty comes with a set of two eyes so that children can mould their putty into small characters. Available in metallic, change color, magnetic and even a kit to make your own batch of putty peeps, with explanations on how to mix colours to get the desired colour. 

4. Glow in the Dark Solar System

Glow in the Dark 3D planets mobile

Learn all about our Solar System and planets and make your very own model for your room with this glow in the dark set.

5. Build your own Tinka Tek Crane

Tinka Tek Mini Engineering Kits metal crane

This handy little tin contains all the metal components and tools needed to build your own breakdown truck with moveable parts. Also available in the same range is a diggerbi-plane, bulldozer and racer.

6. A Galileo Thermometer Science Kit (Discontinued)

7. Craft Caddy

Craft Caddy, a craft box full of art and craft supplies

This box contains so many craft materials that it will get little minds thinking of making unique masterpieces. 

8. Magnet Set

Magnet Set

Learn all about magnetic fields and test materials around your house with this magnet set. I also stock a junior version for younger kids. 

9. Eduludo Stick

Djeco Eduludo Sticks

This kit comes with 12 double-sided cards with images to replicate with the 48 different length wooden sticks. Great for figuring out spaces and shapes. It is recommended for children aged 5- 8 years. 

10. The Science of Codes and Riddles Kit

The Science of Codes and RIddles

This large science kit is perfect for kids who like maths and solving codes. It includes four experiments to make and perform and is recommended for children aged 6+. 

So, as you can see, STEM toys include a huge range of educational toys, games, and crafts. I hope this has given you an understanding of how broad the term is and yet at the same time has helped you visualise some examples of what can be included. Next week I plan on blogging about STEM toys for pre-school aged children.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

xx Suzie

PS. If you’d like some STEM toy ideas for specific age groups, you can check out these blogs.


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