Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers
On Christmas morning, my daughters love digging into their stockings to see what Santa has left. It’s funny how what he leaves isn’t all that different from what he left me, when I was a kid, 30 years ago – except, I think he probably leaves more for my children than what I got back then.

It made me wonder if he leaves the same types of things in every child’s stocking in Ireland, or whether it varies. I decided to ask my Facebook followers what Santa left in their children’s stockings and here’s what they came back with….

1. An orange or a piece of fruit.

Unicorn Glider

2. Little ‘Pocket Money‘ toys like puzzles, pencils, stickers, colours, skipping ropes, card games, marbles, balloons or little gizmos

Scratch and Sniff Scented Stickers

3. Tube of Christmas Sweets or Chocolate Coins

Monster pencil

4. Hygiene products like a tooth brush and toothpaste

Colour Changer Magic Markers

5. Small items of clothing like underwear, socks, pajamas, hats or gloves

Wipe Clean Book - Spot the Difference

6. Books, colouring books, annuals, calenders

Orbeez Monsters

7. Treats that your parents wouldn’t buy like chewing gum and coke

Squishy Pineapple

I’ve categorised the loot into seven categories, but what I discovered is that Santa seems to leave the same type of stuff in most stockings – provided the kid is on his good list. I thought it was interesting that most of the items listed on the Facebook post cost €5 or less. Of course, lots of people do things differently. Some families receive much larger stocking stuffers and some only receive big gifts from Santa and stocking stuffers from parents.

I love the way Santa is so balanced – he leaves very sensible stuff like toothbrushes, underwear and fruit (which probably end up in the family fruit bowl and eaten by an adult!) but he keeps the child happy by giving stuff they really enjoy like small toys and treats.

Maybe next year I’ll see if anyone on my facebook page has ever received a stocking with coal in it!


PS. If Santa leaves other stuff in your child’s stocking, I’d love to hear it, so please comment below and if you’d like to see what my top ten stocking fillers are on my website, you can find the blog here.

PPS. Or if you (or someone you know) are organising a Christmas party for children, you might like to read my blog ‘Corporate Childrens Christmas Parties’. It has gift ideas for Santa that cost €3, €5 and €10. It’s perfect for santas that visit schools, voluntary organisations or businesses.



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