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What makes a Lottie Doll different from other Dolls?

What makes a Lottie Doll different from other Dolls?

Regularly people ask me about Lottie Dolls, so I thought I’d write a short blog entitled ‘what is a Lottie Doll?’ or ‘Who is Lottie’. I hope this blog will help answer some of your questions and if you have more, feel free to fire them my way!

Who is Lottie?

Lottie is a doll that is shaped like a 9 year old girl. She enjoys going to school and has many, many pass times and hobbies. There are lots of different Lottie Dolls – with different skin colour, eye colour and hair colour. Each doll comes with a specific pass time that they enjoy doing, like horse riding, gymnastics, playing on the road with her friends, looking after her pets and going to parties, to name a few.

Where does Lottie come from?

One thing I really like about Lottie is that she is part Irish! She was developed by two people, one of whom is Irish. Initially, they ran their business from the UK, but more recently, they moved their business to Donegal and that’s where Lottie Dolls are now distributed from. So, when you purchase a Lottie Doll from my website, you are not only supporting my Irish business but also another Irish business – both of which put money back into the Irish economy.

In the ‘make believe’ world, Lottie comes from, and lives, in a village called Banksea.

What makes Lottie Dolls different from other similar dolls on the market?

Lottie is a girl, not a woman, so she is shaped like a girl and not a woman. Most other dolls on the market are shaped like adults. This also means that Lottie is slightly shorter than other similar dolls like Barbies or Bratz. Lottie Dolls dress like girls and do things that little girls enjoy doing or imagining. Lottie dolls don’t have careers or (romantic) boy friends, although one of Lottie’s best friends happens to be a boy, called Finn.


Other dolls are designed to wear high heels and due to their proportions, they cannot stand without being held. Lottie Dolls, on the other hand, can stand up (although sometimes this can take a few attempts – moving her arms or strengthening her legs). Lottie always wears flat shoes/boots/wellies.

How much does it cost to buy a Lottie Doll?

Lottie Dolls and accessories are affordable.

Most Lottie Dolls are €19.99 and you can buy accessory kits for €9.99. Accessories can include things like extra outfits, pets or activity items for Lottie to do. There are also some more expensive Lottie Dolls. These come with extra items and include  Stargazer Lottie and Fossil Hunter Lottie. Both these dolls cost €24.99. Finally, the Lottie Doll that comes with a horse costs €34.99

If you buy your Lottie Doll and accessories from my website, nationwide delivery is only €2 (on all orders over €15)

What age is Lottie aimed for?

Lottie Dolls are marketed for children aged 3 – 9. I have two daughters aged 4 and 6 and they love playing with their Lottie Dolls. My youngest daugther still needs a lot of help dressing and undressing Lottie but it’s a job I don’t mind doing!

Lottie is fun and educational; an affordable, aspirational ‘pro girl’ doll.

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