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Whoever Heard of Pet Worms? Wormery Toy Review

Whoever Heard of Pet Worms? Wormery Toy Review

** Update : I no longer stock this toy but I’m still happy to recommend it **


Every month new toys arrive in my stock room and being a working from home mum, my daughters are usually the first to check them out. When these wormeries from My Living World arrived my six-year old couldn’t wait to try one out and have her own pet worms.

I was very impressed with the set up. The main part of the Worm World is a clear, slim, plastic box that measures approximately 29 cm x 18cm x 4cm. It has a removable lid (which is useful as you need to be able to feed your worms some leaves) It also comes with 2 slide-on feet to stabilize it once it’s been filled. The cardboard sleeve is essential (so make sure you don’t accidentally throw it out with the packaging) Slide it over your tank when you are not looking at your worms. This keeps the area dark as worms choose to live underground in the dark.


The booklet that comes with it is easy to follow. The first few pages are instructions on how to set up the wormery and the second larger half is all about worms. It is very interesting and educational. There’s lots of pictures and its worded so even young children can understand it.

The kit doesn’t come with soil/sand or worms but its part of the fun digging up earth and finding worms. The booklet is very helpful in instructing you how to find worms in your garden or local park and transport them from the garden to the tank without harming them.

The way the wormery works is that you layer up soils but between each layer, you do a layer of coloured sand (which is included in the kit). This allows you to see how your worms are moving through the soil all the time. My daughters really enjoyed laying each layer of soil and sand. We did this in the winter, so we brought everything inside to do it and did it over a tray. If I was to do it again, I’d make sure we all just wore more coats so that the project was done completely outside.

We were able to find 3 earthworms which we moved into their new habitat and fed daily with dried leaves. After a month, in accordance with the instructions, we moved the worms back into our garden and have cleaned out the tank. We used all the coloured sand for this first attempt but I think we’ll ‘adopt’ more worms this summer, as the girls really loved it. We will have to do it without the coloured sand separating each layer but we might be able to use fine gravel, sand or something similar to help us to be able to track where our worms have been.

Here’s what we liked about our Worm World

  • We learned so much about worms
  • The girls enjoyed the responsibility of feeding the worms
  • It was easy to do
  • It wasn’t expensive, only €19.99
  • It was controlled messy-play
  • We can use it again

Now you have no excuse for having a pet!




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