Wooden Puzzles for Young Children

Wooden Puzzles for Young Children
I got an Instagram message last week asking what wooden puzzles I had in stock. Since I spent time writing a reply, I thought I’d post it here too, as maybe other people will benefit this way with quick links to the puzzles.

Hi S,
Thanks for your Instagram message enquiring about wooden puzzles. Sorry, it’s taken me so long to reply. I’m waiting on a shipment from Melissa and Doug. I’ve at least 3 new wooden puzzles in the order (although I believe at least one of these wasn’t in stock and is on back order).

What I have in stock at the moment are:

The Alphabet Puzzle. I also have a number one of these in stock with larger pieces as there are only 9 numbers on it.

Goki Alphabet Puzzle

Goki Numbers Wooden Peg Puzzle

These 24 piece world jigsaw puzzles are really nice and your child will learn all about continents as they figure out where each piece goes.

The World Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for pre school children

These Magnetic Farm Puzzles are wooden three piece puzzles but the pieces are inter-changeable so you can make regular animals or crazy ones!

Wooden Magnetic Farm Animals from Galt Toys

This wooden box contains 4 wooden farm puzzles – each with a different number of pieces so as your child masters one, they can progress to the next one.

4 wooden farm jigsaw puzzles in a box by Melissa and Doug

These flat wooden puzzle pieces are magnetic so you can make your animals on your fridge or radiator!

Djeco Crazy Magnetic Animal Puzzles


Not all puzzles have to look like jigsaws. Sometimes, they can come in the form of a shape sorter where your child has to figure out what holes are the same size as the pieces. This Shape Sorting Bus is a good example of this.

Wooden Shape Sorting Safari Bus with Animals


Thanks again for your enquiry. If you want to shop for childrens jigsaw puzzles by brand, you can find my Djeco Puzzles here, my Galt Puzzles here and my Janod Puzzles here.

Kind Regards,



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