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      Feb 14, 2019

Magnetic Putty Peeps is Safe for Children

Magnetic Putty Peeps is Safe for Children

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage over some magnetic putty that was purchased on Amazon and which had dangerous levels of arsenic in it. This press coverage has damaged the reputation of all magnetic putty brands. I am happy to say that Putty Peeps is an Irish brand of putty and it has been tested and certified for safety for sale in the EU (including Ireland). Here is the press release that they issued last week.Magnetic Putty Peeps is safe for Children

Let this be a lesson to us all to consider shopping local instead of looking abroad for a cheaper, but untested, alternative.

Rest assured, Putty Peeps is safe for children to play with.

Here’s a link to buy magnetic Putty Peeps.


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