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Making our own outdoor Fairy House

Recently I brought my daughters to visit a Fairy House that I used to visit as a child. It involved  a short trek up a mountain and though a very thin path, but was worth it! When we started our adventure, I wasn’t even sure if the Fairy House would still be there, so when we finally stumbled across it, my girls weren’t the only ones delighted.


Fairy House in Kilmacanogue

My daughters love Fairies and already have a Fairy living in their bedroom, called Iris. I decided it was time for us to welcome another fairy to our house and since it’s summer, to make our very own outdoor Fairy House for them to move into.

My older daughter and I sat down and we googled images of fairy houses to get some ideas. We even watched some You Tube very helpful videos on how to make your own fairy house and then we got to work. There are so many images online of Fairy Houses.  Here’s some of the ones we really liked

Fairy House

Fairy House

Inside a fairy house

Inside a fairy house


She designed on paper what she wanted the fairy house to look like and we started collecting bits of wood, bark and stones. Then, we got to work and made this Fairy House using an empty drink bottle, some bark and wooden edging.

Our very own fairy house

Our very own fairy house

My daughters didn’t want to put a door on this house. Instead, they have enjoyed putting thimbles of ‘tea’ and other gifts into the house for, Trixie, our new fairy to enjoy. We did however put in some Irish Fairy Door Company Fairy Dust from the shop which made our new house sparkle (the photo doesn’t pick it up)

Fairies and Pixies make lovely additions to any homes. I hope this little blog encourages you to welcome some into your home and garden. I’d love to see photos of where the Fairies live in your homes.

x Suzie


PS. If you know who re-paints the Fairy House in Kilmacanogue,  please pass on my gratitude to them for keeping it so nice!

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