Art and Crafts Kits and materials

If you’ve got a child that is creative, look no further than our Art and Crafts kits and materials. I always feel that when you give an Art or Craft kit, you also give the gift of time, as often adults will sit down with their children to help them complete a project. You also build up their confidence as they will inevitably look for praise and affirmation when their craft is finished. Art and Craft activities strengthen your children’s fine motor skills and imagination. Art and Craft kits make fantastic gifts for all ages.

I have heard people complain that they find it hard to get art and craft kits for boys so I’ve sourced some really lovely ones.

Next day delivery only €3.50 on all orders over €35 to anywhere in Ireland – it’s cheaper and much easier than packing the kids into the car and visiting your local toy shop for most people!