It’s hard to say exactly what Irish toys are! Do they have to be made in Ireland? Or come from an Irish distributor? Or just be sold by me – an Irish toy shop? It is for this reason that this category doesn’t have much in it.

However, as an Irish website owner, by shopping with me, you are keeping money in the Irish economy. I use the money from my business to buy from other Irish retailers (groceries, entertainment etc) and I pay taxes back into the Irish economy.

It’s very hard to buy Irish made toys as the cost of producing them out budgets most people.

I make an effort to buy from Irish distributors – so although the toys are rarely made in Ireland, at least some of the money that I pay for them pays for salaries in Ireland and goes back into the Irish economy. Some of these companies include Arklu (Lottie Dolls) and Octagon Studios. It’s toys from these distributors and other Irish distributors that I’m featuring on this page.

If you are living abroad but want to buy for a child living in Ireland then check out my full range of toys. I think you’ll find that buying from me is much cheaper (due to my cheap delivery rates) than buying abroad and posting. Not to mention that I offer next day delivery.

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