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Djeco Stickers ‘Let’s Go’


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Djeco Stickers – ‘Let’s Go’

This pack of 160 Djeco Stickers feature animals on journeys. Whether it’s in a rocket, camper van, fire engine or hot air balloon, the one thing these Djeco ‘Let’s Go’ Stickers have in common is that they are all going somewhere.

Beautifully illustrated this will help your child think up stories that they can use the stickers to tell.

Inside the pack are 4 pages of stickers.(2 sheets of each design) Each page is 20cm x 20cm.

These stickers would suit boys and girls. Why not open the pack and use them as rewards for good behaviour (They would last a long time, if your house is anything like mine!!) Or if you are putting together Party Bags, give a sheet of stickers in each.

Djeco recommend these stickers for 6-11 year olds

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