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Djeco Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks


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Djeco’s Geo Bonhomme (wooden magnetic game) will bring hours of fun as your child makes their own patterns or tries to match the patterns and designs on the cards. These are generally pictures of people or faces.

Djeco Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks

This Djeco Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks set is a gorgeous set that folds into a carry box for easy storage and transport. Inside are 38 wooden colourful shapes that are magnets, so they stick to the inside of the box. Your child can choose to make their own patterns from these shapes or, they can select from one of the 20 cards. Each of these cards have a different pattern or design, which your child can copy using the wooden shapes.

This set is also known as Geo Bonhomme.

You won’t be disappointed with Djeco’s Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks set. It’s top quality, like all Djeco products.

Recommended for children aged 4+

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