French Skipping Rope


The French Skipping Rope is an alternative to regular skipping. Great for outdoor play and exercise.




French Skipping Rope – Sold Individually

Here’s an alternative to regular skipping that will help your children work together and exercise at the same time. The French Skipping Rope comes in five colours. If you have a preference for a specific colour, can you mention it in the comments box at the checkout. The colours available are:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Here’s a You Tube video that someone has made of their son using a French Skipping Rope. I think it may bring back memories from the school play ground?! I like that this family have been inventive and used chairs instead of people so their son can play with it at home.

You may also know this product as ‘a Chinese Rope’ or ‘Jumpsies’ or ‘Yoki’ or ‘Gummtwist’ – it appears to have several names!!

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blue, green, purple, red, yellow

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