Lottie Doll’s Brownie Canoe Set

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The Lottie Doll’s Brownie Canoe Set includes one large canoe that would hold 2 dolls (not included), 2 paddles, 2 fishing rods with fish, 2 wetsuits and 2 life jackets.

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Lottie Doll’s Brownie Canoe Set

Lottie loves being outdoors and being at Brownie Camp, where she gets to do sports that she can’t do at home. One of those sports is canoeing. She can’t do this without a little imagination and a Brownie Canoe Set!  The great thing about canoeing is when you bring your fishing rods and are able to catch dinner to BBQ that night. This Brownies Canoe Set includes

  • the Canoe
  • 2 Oars/Paddles
  • 2 Wetsuits for Lottie dolls (one red and one yellow)
  • 2 Life Jackets (one red and one yellow)
  • and 2 Fishing Rods with Fish

This set doesn’t include a doll. These are sold separately.

Recommended for children aged 5+ due to small parts being a choking hazard.

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