Marbles in a Tin


Marbles in a Jar

Approx 41 different coloured and sized marbles come in this tin ball. The colour and pattern on the tin can vary from this image on this website.

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Marbles in a Tin

This tin contains approximately 40 regular sized marbles in assorted patterns and 1 large marble. These ‘Marbles in a Tin’ make lovely presents, although if you are posting them abroad, they are heavy!

The tins vary in patterns and colours, if you want the exact one in the picture, please state so in the comments box at the checkout.

Alternatively, use this tin of marbles like a ‘reward chart’. Every time your child does something good, reward with a marble. 40 marbles later and they can choose a bigger toy/reward. It’s visual and means you are not having to buy a reward after 10 good acts. Perhaps, if your child loses interest before they get the 40 marbles, you could mark target lines on the jar and have a small reward after 20 marbles and 30 marbles.

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