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Pick Up Sticks Game – Game of Skill


Pick up sticks game

A retro game that the whole family can enjoy. Take turns to pick a stick up from the pile, but be careful not to move any other sticks in the process. The sticks are colour coded for points.

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Pick Up Sticks – A classic game of skill for the whole family

This box of pick up sticks comes with 30 sticks. Let them fall as a heap on a table or smooth surface. Then take turns picking out a stick and removing it from the pile without moving any other stick. The sticks have different coloured tips and each colour has a different value. The player that collects the highest value of sticks in each round is the winner.

These sticks come in a lovely wooden box for storage.

Full instructions come in the box.

This is a handy little game that will fit nicely into a handbag or could be kept in a caravan for rainy days without taking up lots of space.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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