Paint your own Russian Dolls


Make your own Russian Doll Kit

Egmont Toys presents this gorgeous craft activity that includes 5 wooden Russian Dolls, 6 paints and 2 paint brushes.

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Paint your own Russian Dolls

Here’s a unique craft project that will keep you busy. The ‘Paint your own Russian Dolls’ kit from Egmont Toys is for children and adults aged 5+. The box includes 5 Russian Dolls – ranging in size from large to small, 6 paints and two paint brushes.  You will also (probably) need a pencil to draw the face, clothes on the Matroshka before you start painting. For younger children (aged 5-8), help may be needed and the designs on the dolls should be kept simple, however, older children, teenagers and adults could really enjoy painting detailed patterns on these dolls.

Why not make it a family project to do together some evening? Give everyone a doll to decorate as a Russian Doll or to make look like themselves.

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