Shaun the Sheep Solitaire


This Shaun the Sheep Solitaire Game is a quirky wooden version of a regular solitaire game. The aim of the game is the remove all the pieces by strategically moving them, so that you just have one peg in the centre hole. It’s much easier said than done.

This game is for one person to play at a time.

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Shaun the Sheep Solitaire

The Shaun the Sheep Solitaire is a game of strategy and luck for one person to play. Use the wooden Shaun the Sheep characters to knock out the other Shaun the Sheep characters, until there is ideally only one left in the very centre! Then put them all back and start again.

Warning! This game is addictive and stretches your mind as well as your concentration and patience.

Suitable for children and adults aged 5+. This game can only be played by one person at a time

This Solitaire Game is made by Small Foot Design and measures approx 20 x 20 cm.



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