Sidewalk Chalk for Streets and Pavements


These sidewalk chalks will get your kids outside making patterns, drawing around each other or making a hopscotch challenge.

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Draw your own hop scotch course with sidewalk chalk

Are you having trouble getting your children to go outside to play? Maybe it’s time to invest in some new outdoor toys. This pack of colourful sidewalk chalk might be part of the solution. The chalks are chunky, making them perfect for little and big hands. They are ideal for use on sidewalks, streets, footpaths, school yards or playparks. Whether it’s creating a colourful picture or a game of hopscotch, once your kids bring these sidewalk chalks out, everyone on your road will want a go!

These street chalks come in a handy tub with lid for storage and carrying around. There are 15 colourful chunky chalks in the tub.

I’ve just found this really lovely blog on ideas of how to use sidewalk chalk. I’ll definitely be trying some of them out with my children. Check it out here

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