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Soft Ball Rattle for Babies and Toddlers


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These lovely velour soft balls with a rattle inside make lovely gifts for small children. Ø= 10 cm,

Soft Ball Rattle

These lovely velour soft balls come with a rattle inside. They are multi-coloured stimulating babies sense of sight and the rattle stimulates their hearing. It’s plush and soft making it a lovely toy to throw to the baby/toddler and teach them how to catch and kick without causing any pain from hard throws. These soft ball rattles make lovely gifts for small children.

What I really like about these soft ball rattles is that they are made by a company called ‘Cause.’Cause recognises that 250 million children are trapped in child labour and that education is a way out of it. ‘Cause builds schools for children who previously had to work hard. To date they have done this in Vietnam, Peru, Colombia, Mali and the Philippines. They do this with children’s aid organisations like Terre des Hommes. Check out for more details

Ø= 10 cm,