The Monster scared of children book


This is a gorgeous hard back and hard paged story book about a monster who was scared of children living under it’s bed.

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The Monster scared of children under it’s bed – board book

Check out this gorgeous board book called ‘The Monster scared of children under it’s bed’. Each page is made out of cardboard, making it super durable – especially if there are young children in your house or this is a book for a waiting room.

The story is a twist on children being scared of monster’s under their bed. Instead, in this story, the monster is scared  of children because of things like the fact that they only have one head!

This story is beautifully written and illustrated by Olly Oliver

The book measures 15cm x 15cm

Here’s a YouTube Video of me reading this book. You’ll see the quality and size of the book, along with the lovely illustrations and funny story.

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