Make your Own ‘Tin Can Calculator’ Kit


Use this Tin Can Calculator Kit from 4M Green Science to power your calculator using renewable energy. This is a great science experiment for people who love recycling and once made, you have a calculator that works without batteries.

Suitable for children and adults aged 8+


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Tin Can Calculator

The Tin Can Calculator Kit comes from Green Science and is a great project for people who love renewable energy and science experiments.

Simply use 2 empty drink cans (not included in the kit) and two pencils, along with this kit to generate enough electricity to power a calculator. The kit has everything needed apart from the drink cans, water, salt and a screwdriver. No batteries are needed to power this tin can calculator.

Once constructed the calculator will work until you dismantle it. This is a fun way to acquire a calculator although it may be a bit large to bring to school every day!!

Recommended age 8+

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