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Wooden Tea Set


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Check out this gorgeous children’s play wooden tea set. It includes everything you need to make pretend tea, so whether you are just having a doll’s tea party, running a coffee shop or serving tea to patients in hospital – only your imagination will limit you.


Wooden Tea Set

This wooden tea set is just gorgeous. It is made up of a tea pot, 2 mugs,  a sugar bowl and lid and a tea caddy. It also has all the extras –  2 tea spoons, 2 sugar cubes, 2 tea bags, a plate and 2 delicious biscuits. Perfect for serving up (pretend) tea to all your friends and unlike plastic, which can crack and metal, which can rust, this tea set is the type that will last, be put in the attic and brought out for the next generation! So, whether you’re cooking at a play kitchen, working in a cafe or just having a tea party for your dolls, this set will stretch your imagination and bring hours of fun and memories.

Made by Small Foot.


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