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Goki Wooden Yoyo – Ladybird Design


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These are lovely little ( Ø= 4 cm) wooden yoyos made by Goki.

Wooden Yoyo

This is a lovely little ( Ø= 4 cm) wooden yoyo made by Goki. They are painted to look like ladybirds

A few years ago, both my small daughters asked for yoyos from Santa. I couldn’t understand why, since I didn’t even know they knew what a yoyo was! It turned out that in the Christmas episode of Peppa Pig, she asks Santa for a yoyo! So, if you’re receiving the same request, then maybe it’s coming from the same source!! These little yoyos are perfect for little people. However, if it’s an older kid or teenager who is looking for a yoyo, search for a more professional type yoyo (I don’t currently stock any)

And, if you’re looking to learn some yoyo tricks, there’s some great tutorials on

Finally, my last piece of advice when buying a yoyo, is to buy two!! It’s very difficult to watch someone playing with a yoyo and not want a go yourself. It will try your patience and possibly even cause fights, so for the sake of an extra couple of euro, invest in a second wooden yoyo!

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