Melissa and Doug Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets

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This box of 52 Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets has 26 lower case letters and 26 upper case letters. Made by Melissa and Doug.

Suitable for children aged 3+


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Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets from Melissa and Doug

Check out these Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets from Melissa and Doug. There are 52 letters and they come in a lovely wooden storage box, that has a divider down the centre to help your child separate the lower case alphabet from the upper case alphabet. These magnetic letters are painted either red, blue, green or yellow, in child safe paint.

I love magnetic letters because they can be left out all the time and your child can come back to them regularly if they are left on your fridge or dishwasher doors. Alternatively, if you have an integrated kitchen, why not invest in a magnetic whiteboard.

Suitable for children aged 3+ as they learn letter recognition and how to spell simple words like their own name. These letters will continue to be educational as your child grows older and learns to spell longer words, learns how to use Upper Case and Lower Case and eventually starts leaving messages for you.


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