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Robots That Will Keep Your Dad Happy This Father’s Day

Solar Bots robot kits for Fathers Day present

I  can’t believe that Father’s Day is just around the corner again (18th June). It feels like only a few short months ago when I wrote the blog “15 Gifts for Father’s Day that cost less than €15 each” but it’s obviously been a year!

This year I thought I’d focus on some Robots that I stock which I think lots of dads would like to make.

  1. Solar Bots – €8.75

Solar Bots robot kits for Fathers Day present

These are the cheapest robots that I stock and although they won’t break the bank, there’s lots of fun that can be had with this kit. In fact, this kit is a little bit like having a transformer – you can make one of six different types of solar powered robots. When you’re tired with the first one, you can dismantle it and make another type.

  1. The Soda Can Robug –  €16

Green science make your own robot out of a drinks can or soda can, father's day gift

This is also a very popular robot. In this kit you have everything you need to make a robot-bug (robug) from a drinks can (apart from the can itself). The Robug will scurry along the floor like a real life bug!

  1. The Brush Robot – €22

Make your own Brush Robot this Father's Day

You may think that by buying this for your dad, the amount of house work you do will be reduced but unfortunately, I don’t think that this brush robot will reduce it that much. It will however be great fun to make and watch.

  1. The Doodling Robot – €24

Doodling robot gift for father's day

This happens to be my favourite of the robots that I stock as I think I’d enjoy colouring in the doodles that it makes (a little bit like Spirograph). Again, this robot needs to be assembled.



If you think your dad would enjoy a robot this year, that they could make and then play with when they are supposed to be doing office work, then don’t delay. Nationwide delivery is only €2 on orders over €15.


I hope you have a lovely Father’s day as you celebrate with the people you love.


Xx Suzie

One Comment

  1. Angela
    These look absolutely great!! I've just ordered the 6 in 1 robot for the hubby. It looks like it'll be great for making and playing with our 4 year old.
    Reply June 6, 2017 at 10:56 am

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