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Something WOW for Team Hope Shoeboxes

Something Wow for a Team Hope Shoebox

Some of you may be dab hands and veterans at filling Team Hope Shoe Boxes but for those who aren’t and for those who just like getting some ideas, I thought I’d write this blog.

When you decide to fill a Team Hope Shoe Box you have to choose what gender and age you are filling it for. There are six categories to choose from:

  • a boy aged 2-4 years
  • a girl aged 2-4 years
  • a boy aged 5-9 years
  • a girl aged 5-9 years
  • a boy aged 10-14 years
  • and a girl aged 10-14 years

After you have assembled your flat-packed shoebox or wrapped a regular shoebox, you stick a Team Hope sticker on the top of the shoebox which indicates what category you have chosen. In each box you will put a selection of items that Team Hope call ‘The 4 Ws‘ (somethings to WASH with, somethings to WRITE with, somethings to WEAR, and some WOW things). If you are looking for more information on this, you can check out a blog I wrote last year here. Today I’m going to show you two different toys that might work in the WOW section for each category.

For a boy aged 2-4 years

A Flying Glider – 99 c each
These are nice and cheap – especially if you have already spent a lot of money on the other Ws!
A Wooden Flexi Robot – €4.99
These are also quite small, so they are handy for fitting into an already jam-packed shoebox!

For a girl aged 2-4 years

A Packet of 160 Stickers – €3.49
I stock these in different packs – Princess, Animals, Horses, Vehicles and Dinosaurs.

For a boy aged 5-9 years

Bouncy Balls – 75 c each
If you have a preference in colour, state it at the checkout
Marble Games – €5.99

For a girl aged 5-9 years

Princess Paper Masks – €2.99
These boxes come with 6 masks and a set of markers. I also stock Dinosaur Masks.
A Skipping Rope – €7.80

For a boy aged 10-14 years

A Kite – €7

For a girl aged 10-14 years

I hope this has helped give you some inspiration. If you haven’t yet got a shoebox, I sell the Team Hope Flat Pack ones. Now is the perfect time to fill one while the kids are off school for mid-term break.

Have a lovely week,

xx Suzie

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