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Toy Review : FabLab Hairlights

fablab hairlights hair chalks review

Anyone else have an eight-year-old who acts like she’s 14? Mine spends ages getting ready every day and changes outfits several times before nightfall! So, when she spotted the FabLab Hairlights in my stockroom, she started saving her pocket money and within a couple of weeks, she owned the desired product.

Toy Review : FabLab Hairlights Review Hair Chalks

The packet contains 6 hair colours, 2 hairdressing clips, and child-sized plastic gloves. The hair chalks look like eyeshadows and come in purple, yellow, pink, red, green and blue. There are also detailed instructions on how to get the best results from Hairlights. Apparently, the lighter colours are most effective on darker hair and the darker colours are most effective on lighter hair.

Toy Review : FabLab Hairlights Review Hair Chalks

In order to apply them, you simply lift the lid of the compact and slide it down your hair, transfering the colour from the compact to your hair. For best results, do it several times on the same strand of hair. My eight year old found this difficult to do on her own so I helped her the first time and since then, she has done it with the help of her friends.

Toy Review : FabLab Hairlights Review Hair Chalks

This photo shows the green, blue, pink and yellow in her hair, which is naturally mousy brown. What we found is that it fades quite quickly (within 8 hours), so although it washes out, we’ve never actually had to do this, as it’s virtually disappeared by the time she has been going to bed. She has used it at least 10 times so far (but she only does strands, she has never attempted her whole head of hair) and there’s still plenty left for future uses. So far, it hasn’t stained clothes or skin.

Toy Review : FabLab Hairlights Review Hair Chalks

If you are interested in buying FabLab Hairlights, it costs only €12.99, so it’s perfect for a gift.

So in short, here’s what we liked about this product:

  • It’s appealing to older children
  • The price makes it affordable for gifts
  • It works well
  • It doesn’t need to be washed out
  • It’s not messy
  • It can be used multiple times before it runs out.

If you want to see it in action, check out our YouTube review.

xx Suzie


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