Best Selling Toys – August ’22

Best Selling Toys – August ’22

I can’t believe that we are now in September and the summer holidays are behind us. August was quite a slow month for my business, which I didn’t mind as it allowed me extra time to spend with my daughters. However, I am so thankful for all of you who did shop with me during the month as I depend on you to keep my small business open.

I find that towards the end of August (and the beginning of September), lots schools place orders for outdoor toys like chalks, long skipping ropes and french skipping ropes and lots of generous teachers spend their own money buying rewards for children in their classrooms. I think you’ll see this reflected in my 10 best selling toys for August below, as many of the items cost less than €2 or can be broken up to share among several students.

  1.  Flying Gliders

Flying gliders retro pocket money toys


2. French Skipping Ropes

French skipping rope, cats cradle, elastics

3. Paper Swords

Fling it paper swords, pocket money toys

4. Pocket Kites

5. Nets of Marbles

Net of Marbles

6 and 7. Princess Stickers and Animal Stickers 

Djeco 160 Princess Stickers

8. Long Skipping Ropes

Long Skipping Rope

9. Return Balls

Game Time - Return Ball

10. Funny Faces Reusable Sticker Books

Galt Funny Faces Sticker Book

Thanks again to everyone who shopped with me this past month. Did any of what you bought make it to the top 10?

xx Suzie

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