Cooperation Games

Cooperation Games
Cooperation Games are games where everyone plays on the same team, so everyone either wins together or loses together. They are great for children that are bad losers and they are brilliant for building team spirit among a group of friends or siblings.

Here are some cooperation games that I stock.

Little Cooperation

Djeco Little Cooperation

The artic animals are stuck on ice and they need to cross an ice bridge to get safely to their igloo. The only problem is the bridge isn’t stable. Depending on what the dice lands on, you’ll need to remove part of the bridge or choose which animal to start/continue their journey to their igloo. But, can you get them all home safely? This cooperative game is made by Djeco and is recommended for children aged 2.5 to 5 years old.

First Orchard

HABA - First Orchard Game

The aim of this game is to be able to move all the fruit into the basket before the raven gets it. But, like a lot of games, it very much depends on the luck of the dice. This cooperation game is made by HABA and is recommended for children aged 2+

Tidy Up! Game

HABA - Tidy Up! Game

Little Tomcat Tiptop has been playing all day and his room is a mess. He needs your help to sort out where everything should go as he attempts to tidy up. This cooperative game is for 1-3 players. It is made by HABA and is recommended for children aged 2+.

Hamster Clan Game

HABA - Hamster Clan Game

This cooperation game is for slightly older children (4-8 year olds) than the previous games. Together, you need to help the hamster family move through their burrow, collect food and store it in the right storerooms before winter comes. It’s a race against time and you’ll need to work together to succeed.

Rhino Hero Junior

HABA - Rhino Hero Junior Game

Rhino Hero Junior is a super hero who needs our help to complete 3 games. Are you a willing superhero who could help? This cooperation game is made by HABA and is recommended for children aged 2+

I am always on the lookout for other good cooperation games so if you have played any really good ones, please message me with recommendations. You can find my full range of games here.

xx Suzie

PS. Once your child has mastered the art of winning and losing graciously, you might like to move on to playing board games. Here’s a blog with 10 unique board games that the whole family can enjoy.



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