Top Selling Djeco Toys This Week

Top Selling Djeco Toys
This week has been a busy one for sales of  Djeco Toys and Games, with many popular crafts and activities leaving here.

Who are Djeco?

Djeco is a French brand of toys and they certainly have an ‘ooh la la’ effect! Their designs are quirky and pretty and their toys encourage creativity and learning. At time of writing, 95% of Djeco products are FSC® certified. This approach will be extended to all Djeco collections from September 2022. Djeco has already eliminated single-use plastic packaging and replaced it with paper sleeves for all its collections.

Here’s a selection of some of the best selling Djeco toys that are flying off my shelves.

  1. Tap Tap Space

Djeco Tap Tap Space

This is an activity that includes a cork board, some wooden shapes and pictures, pins and a hammer. Make your pictures by tapping the shapes into the cork board. Once finished, pull them off and start a new picture. I also stock Tap Tap Garden.

2. Collages with Small Loops

Djeco Collages with Small Loops

This is a great craft for preschool aged children where you have to fold the paper into loops and stick them to the pictures to make fun collages.

3. Sea Creature Origami

Sea Creature Origami

Fold the colourful paper according to the instructions to make your very own sea creatures! I also stock Dinosaur Origami by Djeco too.

Dinosaur Tattoos

50 Dinosaur Tattoos

These temporary tattoos would keep any dinosaur loving child happy!

I- Count Puzzle

Djeco - I-count counting jigsaw puzzle

This is a 20 piece jigsaw puzzle that will help your child recognise numbers and learn to count. If you like Djeco jigsaw puzzles, this Fire Engine Jigsaw Puzzle is lovely and suitable for a similar age.

Card Holder

Djeco Card Holder

These card holders will transform card games with younger players. It is made up of two cat faces held together with springs. Your child can slip their cards between the faces and fan them out without them falling everywhere. When your child want so to take one out, they just pull it out and the other cards remain in the holder.

Pipolo Card Game

Djeco Pipolo Bluffing Card Game

This bluffing card game is great fun for children aged 5+


Djeco Cubissimo

This is a logical thinking activity where you have to try and form a cube using the wooden pieces but each time you have a different starting position. I also stock a flat version called Polyssimo

DIY Spinning Tops

Make your own Flowers Spinning Tops by Djeco

These craft sets from Djeco are lovely. You can choose between the DIY Flower Spinning Tops and the DIY Dragon Spinning Tops. Or, if you can’t choose, get both!


BabyBirdy Wooden Shape Sorter by Djeco

BabyBirdy is a gorgeous wooden shape sorting toy made by Djeco for toddlers.

Djeco toys are beautiful and are top quality and still affordable. You can find my full range here.

xx Suzie



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