Maths Toys and Games

Maths Toys and Games

Maths Toys and Games

It’s Maths Week this week as I write this blog and I thought I’d show off some of the maths toys and games that are available on my online toy shop.

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Marvelous Maths Games

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Marvellous Maths Games

2. Maths Wheels

Maths Master - Maths Wheels

3. Times Tables Snap

Times Tables Snap

4. Code Breaker Activity Book

Code Breaker Activity Book

5. Multiplication Square

Wooden Multiplication Square

6. Sudoku

Wooden Sudoku Board Game

7. The Spelling and Adding Game

Spelling and Adding Game

8. Play Money

Play money euros

These are the most obvious maths activities although often children don’t realise they are practicing maths with board games that include counting and moving counters back and forth.






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