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2015’s Best Selling Toys

2015’s Best Selling Toys

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is a great one for you.

2015 was my first full year in business and I’m delighted with how it went. Regularly people ask me what are my best selling toys and games, and I tell them the products that I seem to sell a lot of.  Usually my answer is quite vague like ‘Lottie Dolls’ or ‘Melissa and Doug wooden toys’. I’m not particularly techy – so giving people an accurate answer has never been an option. However, over Christmas, I took a little look at the back end of my website (I’m sure there’s a more accurate term for this) and got together a list of what products I sold the most of.

All my best selling products came from my pocket money range! I think this is because people who visit my website usually buy one or two items that cost €10+ and then they add several cheaper options, like 4 bouncy balls or flying gliders. I would rarely get an order that has 4 of the same larger item in it where it wouldn’t be uncommon to get an order with 4 of the same smaller items in it. I hope that makes sense.

So, here’s my best selling products in no particular order…

Kaleidoscopes proved to be very popular this year and at just €3 each, why wouldn’t you add a few into your shopping cart before paying?

I also sold a lot of paper swords. I remember bringing a full box of these to one of the Christmas Markets I attended. I also brought my daughter’s paper sword as a demo. Once one kid had bought one and was using it, every kid in the place had to have one! I sold every last one and when the box was empty someone even bought my daughter’s one! (She hasn’t missed it yet!)

Just like paper swords, finger monsters, flying gliders and bouncy balls all sold very well this past year. One mum, when purchasing some finger monsters explained that her son found it very hard to concentrate in school and sit still. His teacher had suggested to her to find something small that he could figit with during lessons to help him stay in his seat, so she purchased some finger monsters. These little guys bring me back to my childhood. I think I had one that was a pencil topper when I was in Primary School. They are hard to describe. They are squidgy and you can pull their arms, legs and mouths – which stretch out when pulled. They also wobble well on your finger and have funny, cute little faces.

Over the summer, some of my best selling products were outdoor toys like water balloons, sidewalk chalk and pocket kites. One summer-school contacted me on a Friday afternoon. The weather forecast was for a warm Saturday, and considering the weather we had last Summer, they were going to take advantage of it and hold a massive water fight. They wanted 2000 water bombs (!!) and they were happy to travel to me to collect them (as my couriers only deliver Monday to Friday)

Just before Christmas, the two items I sold the most of were toothbrush timers and wooden yoyos. I believe Santa’s elves couldn’t keep up with demand for these this year so they purchased them from me to supplement the ones they were making! I couldn’t keep yoyos on my shelves and I think I need to personally thank Peppa Pig for this! In one of  the Peppa Pig Christmas episodes, Peppa gets a yoyo from Santa, so little Peppa fans all over Ireland request yoyos each year.

Overall, it was a fantastic year for me selling toys and games. Whether you choose to buy pocket money toys or larger toys and games, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I look forward to supplying you with lots more cool, fun and educational toys and games in 2016.

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